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Install tracker hoists in accessible rooms

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I am a disabled person unable to get out of my wheelchair under my own power. But I also like to travel the country, especially to see new people and places. Unfortunately, this includes a lot of hassle trying to find an accessible room to stay the night, or just cutting the trip short completely and returning home the same day, which is very inconvenient to all involved.

I have no qualms with accessible rooms for the most part; everything is at a reasonable height and they all have emergency cords fitted in case of emergency. But I feel that they can't be called "accessible" rooms for the simple fact that they aren't completely accessible. This is due to a couple of a reasons, but the main one I have an issue with, and the subject of this petition, is that they lack one very important piece of equipment that severely disabled people need: a tracker hoist.

For someone like me, it's extremely awkward to transport a mobile hoist around the country, especially if the people I wish to go out with are too busy. For other people in a similar situation as myself, mobile hoists are out of the question entirely due to the expense. But having a tracker hoist in, at the very least, one accessible room of every hotel owned by major hotel chains would be a godsend to me, and to parents who have children who are in a similar situation to me, that need a hoist to get out of their chair.

This isn't a problem everywhere; according to my research, 7 hotels that are owned by these chains (most of which are located in London, which means that those who wish to take a holiday are restricted as to where to go should they need a tracker hoist) have at least one hoist in one accessible room. Although that's a start, it's simply not good enough. I realise that this would be an expensive undertaking in the short term, but I truly believe that, should they install this vital equipment across the country in, at least, a majority of their hotels. they'll be making rather large profits in the long run.

That, for me, is the aim of this petition. It shouldn't be the responsibility of the customer to ensure they're well catered for when they go on holiday. It should be the responsibility of these hotel chains to ensure that their rooms are as advertised. If they're passionate about providing accessible rooms for disabled people, they should realise that installing a tracker hoist is a necessity.

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