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Want my money back in a Fraudulent Holiday Inn Vacation, 2 months later deny reimbursement

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On July 15th 2015 we bought a timeshare as supposed to be buying a Real Estate Investment (really a Timeshare) at Orange Lake Resortin Nevada. We paid initially #3.339 USD as a 10 % Downpayment and then a wire transfer for $18.500 USD,  and signed for our "real estate investment" (and we did pay for 2 months of "maintenance").

After all of the false statements and upon arrival to Colombia, we decided to try to book a dream vacations, this was absolutely impossible. And thats were our search to really understand how it works (or how it DOES NOT WORK actually).

So, the 27th of september 2015, we wrote to cancel our investment and to receive a Partial reimbursement for our $21.839 payment.

This is just 2 months after our payment, and not being able to use it not even once. Till now we have not receives a single penny, and they deny to reimburse not even part of our money for such a Fraudulent action.

This way this organizations will start telling the TRUTH and probable Buyers like us will be able to know they do not tell the truth about what you buy and how it works. Otherwise if you really bought a Real Estate as they say, you would be able to recover part of your money... and this does not happen, there are many more as me believing and being abused by this organizations!


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