Support a dedicated space for creative work of all kinds.

Support a dedicated space for creative work of all kinds.

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Executive Director: Emerson Collective Laurene Powell Jobs

Why this petition matters

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” --Buckminster Fuller

We are writing because we are in a crisis.  So many of our systems are failing the bulk of us, and instead of trying to fix them, we need to support those that are looking to create better ones.

We need a space dedicated to creative work.  A space to bring people, ideas and organizations across fields and identities together.

Holes in the Wall Collective engages people and ideas through residencies and events.  They give artists, writers, scientists, lawyers, educators and policy-makers a space and platform to innovate and incubate their work, bringing them together through meaningful and transformative feedback.  Not to use a banal metaphor, but if this was football, they’d be the ones giving the quarterback time and space to throw the ball. 

Holes in the Wall Collective has been looking for a dedicated space for two years and has found its home.  We call on those with the available funds to support this endeavor in a timely fashion before the prospective site is sold, and ensure Holes in the Wall Collective's future home for creative work.

There is no cure-all. 
There is no magic ticket to improve the quality of life for all of humanity. 
But there is amazing work already being done.  And in this culture there is a lack of time and space given to people who are doing it.  People on the ground know what the ground is made of and what would make things better.  Fostering diverse creativity across sectors and identities might be the most radical and necessary thing we can do right now with an uncertain future.

The proposed site is in the Catskill region of New York, only a 100 miles from the city.  Building off a long artistic legacy, the site has 115 acres, two amazing turn-key structures, organic gardens, solar integration, a spring-fed pond and small orchard.

Help us give time, space and feedback to the people who are already doing the work.

Thank You.

469 have signed. Let’s get to 500!