Save the trees of 28 Sturt Road, Brighton

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We're asking the developer and Holdfast Bay Council to reconsider the fate of 26 significant (3+ metres around, at 1 metre off the ground) and 5 regulated (2+ metres around, at 1 metre off the ground) trees on the large parcel of land at 28 Sturt Road, Brighton. 

We understand the developer wants to subdivide this land and remove many of these trees in order to create some 28 housing blocks.  Many of these trees are close to the boundaries of the block, so retention of the trees and sub-division in to fewer, larger blocks is a possibility. 

We're asking you to join us in opposing such a wholesale removal of trees.  Tree canopy such as they provide takes hundreds of years to create.  Once we lose it we will never get it back. 

Currently this land provides valuable canopy cover in a council area that has few large trees left.  These trees not only remove air pollutants from the traffic on busy Sturt Road but keep the street and surrounding homes shaded and cool.  They also provide attractive greenery and much-needed habitat for our native birds and mammals.

It takes thousands of metre high saplings to replace each one of these trees, if we are to get like for like in terms of CO2 out of the air and oxygen in. The 2 "replacement" trees which our laws require payment for in situations such as these are manifestly inadequate.  These trees are community assets - let's keep it that way! 

many of you have also been asking about how to save the house.  It's currently being assessed for State heritage listing, but a petition has been set up so if you wish to sign specifically to save the house too, you can do that by clicking on this link.

Please sign and make a comment so that all levels of government understand how much we want to keep these trees.  You might also like to contact the Holdfast Bay Council ( and local MP, Corey Wingard ( and tell them that you'd like to see the trees saved and why.