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Consider the health of your community and the environmental impact. Don't approve the planned Hungry Jacks in our community.

The planned Hungry Jacks to be built in our small, unique council will:

~ increase traffic (congestion, emissions, safety)

~rubbish (so close to the beach)

~cause a loss in residential privacy

~ cause increased smoke emissions and smell which will impact on our environment and residents

~ change the aesthetics/street scape on Edward St; it could effect housing prices. 

There are numerous negative health factors associated with Hungry Jacks. This particular Hungry Jacks will be in very close proximity to primary schools, high schools, kindy's, child care centres. Children who eat a high sodium diet risk developing obesity, asthma and high blood pressure.

"'Hungry Jack's appears to have little commitment to the health of their consumers. In the context of our national obesity crisis this type of product is reckless,'' Professor Neal said. FROM:

It is a well known fact that Hungry Jacks uses:

~genetically modified ingredients/foods


~caged eggs




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