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Hold the Members of the Polk County Water Authority Responsible for Their Deceit

Imagine being a tax paying citizen of your county whose well had dried up... You go to the local water authority and they agree to set aside funds to have water ran out to your road for you and your neighbors who are soon to be without. Now imagine that five years later, those water authority members are denying ever agreeing to it, insulting you or your family member, and refusing to allow you to speak at their meetings. Imagine already being sick, and working so hard to provide your family with water, that your life ends short. Imagine wanting to take a bath or shower, but being unable to do so because you have no running water. Imagine having to go to a family member's home nearby, who DOES have running water, just to do laundry or use the toilet. This is the daily life of Mrs. A. Fincher, the late Mr. C. Fincher, and their children, among other families living on Jud Brazier Road. The Polk County Water Authority has caused a lot of undue stress to the people of Jud Brazier Road in Polk County, Georgia. There is documented proof of money being set aside for these families... and documented proof that money is suddenly no longer there. Imagine confronting these board members, only to have them deny everything you have documented, public-record proof of. Imagine living in Polk County, without water, while people across the Alabama line are living off of Polk County water. Alabama tax-payers, and Polk County Georgia Water. This water line which runs down Prior Station Road and into Spring Garden, Alabama passes directly by Jud Brazier Road, yet for some reason residents of Jud Brazier Road are denied water, unless they agree to pay nearly $50,000 -unless you're the Fincher family. While the PCWA refuses to run a water main to Jud Brazier road, they have offered the families (except for the Finchers) water so long as they pay thousands upon thousands of dollars AND pay their water bills, of course!
Board members consistently avoid question of monies they have received in recent years, and often result to lying when there is no way to avoid giving some kind of answer. How do we know for sure they are lying? Because public records say the opposite of what they're claiming. Tonight I stood there and watched as two board members denied things that the Fincher family has documented proof (Water Meeting minutes) was said or done. I hope this petition will cause some change to come about for the residents of Jud Brazier Road, and the truth will be brought to light. Where did the money go? Why are residents in ANOTHER STATE allowed Polk County water, but not Polk County residents? Why do Polk residents, living on streets that cross Jud Brazier Road with the same altitude, allowed county water... while Jud Brazier residents are not? Why is it okay for these board members to call names and insult the citizens of this county who speak out against the wrongs being done towards them? (In a recent board meeting calling the late Mr. Fincher "asinine" and demanding he remain quiet.)
Mrs. A. Fincher, whose own words are below, was never formally allowed to speak at these (public) board meetings, until recently -after her dedicated husband passed. Even tonight, when each of these issues were brought to the board members, the members either rolled their eyes and kept quiet, or provided empty, deceitful excuses for their actions (or lack there-of).
Channel 2 News from Atlanta paid a visit to Polk County to report on this injustice the week Mr. Fincher passed away. Mr. J. Damron is recorded on video, denying everything and even implying the county commissioners -who DO admit monies were set aside and are now gone, and WILL listen to the Finchers- are lying. I hope this petition will draw more state or regional attention to this issue so that the truth can be made known and changes take place. Please read below as Mrs. Fincher gives her brief statement, and put yourself in the shoes of the people being lied to, insulted, and denied a necessity. Please sign this petition and help us make change to Polk County!
From Mrs. Fincher:
"In 2007 they agreed to put funds aside monthly so that within 5 yrs from 2007 there would be enough funds to run county water to our area! It is all around us even running into AL anyway they also stated they would keep Chad Fincher updated but instead after a year they stopped setting funds aside, didnt let us know, then in summer 2012 when our well went dry again we contacted them because the 5years was about up so we are thinking we will be getting county water. When we contacted PCWA they did not tell us any of what they had done, we had to get the attorney general to call them in order to get copies of their board minutes for last 5 years, at which time we then found out they had saved 130,000.00 towards our water but in July 2012 after reading minutes we found that they spent 67,000.00 on buying Mulco Springs of our water money and still do not know where the rest went and they are stating there was never a written nor verbal agreement -which is a lie. I have the documents to prove everything! Plus there are precious board members that even remember it as well, But no one wants to make them be held accountable! Chad was sick for a while but PCWA did nothing but cause him more stress... I have the proof Chad would expect me to keep fighting PCWA because there is a lot more shady things going on there other then just my water issue. Channel 2 came and did a story the Tuesday before chad passed, and even then J. Damron, PCWA general manager, lied on tv! I tried to just give you the highlights but there is much more."

Thank you and PLEASE consider this petition. These hardworking, tax-paying members of this community need answers and the TRUTH.

Edit (2/22/2013): At the request of Mrs. Fincher, we have slightly changed the direction of this petition. Now, aside from wanting to get answers and the truth about their lies, we are petitioning to have the PCWA dissolved, particularly removing Mr. Damron and Mr. McDurmon -if not each member, and possibly allow the Polk County water system to be truly run by the people. The PCWA currently does not answer to anyone in Polk County. They have abused this power time and time again. Many others have come forth with their horror stories about the PCWA. If you have one, please share it with us and allow us to include it in this petition. Thank you for your time!

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