Hold Dept. of Education accountable for promises made during the EPS Principal selections

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The Eleebana Public School Principal selection process began in May 2018 and ran for over 6 months. During this lengthy period of time the selection panel had three iterations with no less than 6 various staff and parent representatives involved. The long delays and the need for 3 different replacement panels was largely due to numerous concerns felt by panel members about the transparency in decision making by the Dept. of Education.

Over the last 4 months behind the scenes, members of the parent community have been calling for the Department of Education to conduct an open and unbiased recruitment process.

Did you know the Department of Education promised they would restart the recruitment process in September, but failed to honour this promise?

Did you know that staff and P&C panel members were meant to have an equal voice in decision making? This certainly wasn’t the case.

Did you know Dr Leonard was not even afforded an interview?
Did you know only 1 person total was interviewed for the position?

Recently, the P&C moved a unanimous motion for a dedicated group of community members to explore all avenues to appeal the process and  lobby the Department of Education to deliver on promises made.

Representatives of the EPS community have continualy tried to follow the formal and appropriate channels in order to have their concerns resolved by the Department of Education. They in turn, have repeatedly ignored our requests to meet, and their replies continue to fail to adequately address our concerns. 

The Principal Merit Selection procedure needs to be transparent and unbiased. The candidate that best matches the NEEDS OF THE SCHOOL should be selected. There is a genuine loss of faith by the EPS community that the Department of Education has not treated this matter with integrity and transparency.

Leadership of EPS into the future ought to be STABLE, committed and harmonious.

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