Hold politicians to the same standards they force on our kids

Hold politicians to the same standards they force on our kids

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jay McDonald

Whether or not you personally support masks, I hope we can all agree that double standards are wrong.

The same politicians who are forcing mandates on our kids exempted themselves and their staff from the rules. If this is about public health, then old and overweight politicians in the highest risk category should not be exempt from the rules they are forcing on our young children in schools who are in the lowest risk category. House Speaker Stutes never offered an explanation to the public why legislators and staffers meeting in her office are exempt from mandates but children in classrooms are not.

Either enforce your mandates on yourselves in the capitol or end the school mask mandates.

Here is a list of Representatives in the majority caucus who created and enjoy this double standard, and their office number:

Louise Stutes 907-465-2487
Chris Tuck 907-465-2095
Matt Claman 907-465-4919
Harriet Drummond 907-465-3875
Bryce Edgmon 907-465-4451
Zack Fields 907-465-2647
Neal Foster 907-465-3789
Sara Hannan 907-465-4766
Grier Hopkins 907-465-4457
Andy Josephson 907-465-4939
Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins 907-465-3732
Kelly Merrick 907-465-3777
Dan Ortiz 907-465-3824
Calvin Schrage 907-465-4931
Liz Snyder 907-465-3438
Ivy Spohnholz 907-465-4940
Andi Story 907-465-3744
Geran Tarr 907-465-3424
Adam Wool 907-465-4976
Tiffany Zulkosky 907-465-4942

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!