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Hold oil and gas companies accountable: disclose the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing on public lands

Right now, oil companies don't disclose the chemicals they use or how often spills occur - they hide in plain sight on our public lands.

In fact, the federal government has leased more than 200 million acres of land for oil and gas drilling, yet more than 50 percent of current leases are not being used for energy production and exploration.

We know that an all of the above energy plan does not mean an "at all costs energy plan."

Sign the petition and tell oil and gas companies that we want an energy plan on our terms, a plan that weighs the energy gains versus protecting our Western way of life, protecting the health of our children from polluted drinking water and asthma, and preserving wildlife habitat for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation.

Our public lands have multiple uses and the federal government needs to plan for and protect all uses including recreation, cultural uses, timber extraction, and grazing rights.

Will you hold government and oil and gas companies accountable right now?

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