#Justice4Grenfell: Hold Kensington Council Accountable

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There needs to be justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower atrocity, and the first step towards that is accountability.

These two councillors are directly responsible for this tragedy, and if there was anyone able to stop it, it was them. They are the main decision makers affecting the regeneration of Grenfell and this falls on their shoulders.

NICHOLAS PAGET-BROWN, Leader of the Council for Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC)

Nicholas Paget-Brown is the elected Leader of the Council of RBKC, and one of his most important roles (listed on RKBC website) is "speaking up on matters of local concern". He has failed massively in this regard. The residents of Grenfell Tower and the Grenfell Action Group have for years voiced their concerns about fire safety in the block, even predicted an event like this, and Paget-Brown did nothing to address those worries. Instead, he ignored them. He silenced them. And after the fire, he went on BBC Newsnight to BLAME them! He said "many residents felt that we needed to get on with the installation of new hot water systems, new boilers and that trying to retrofit more would delay the building and that sprinklers aren't the answer". He tried to shift the blame from his shoulders as an elected councillor to the victims of the Grenfell fire, essentially saying they brought this upon themselves. What an appalling, sickening and villainous thing to do. He also REFUSED to guarantee that residents of Grenfell would be relocated in the borough during an interview with Channel 4's Jon Snow. These actions prove to me that Paget-Brown should be sacked, and that he should face gross negligence manslaughter charges (defined as "conduct that was grossly negligent given the risk of death, and did kill").

ROCK FEILDING-MELLEN, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Housing, Property & Regeneration

The RBKC website states his only role is the "specific responsibility for promoting better housing for borough residents and for the Council’s property portfolio and regeneration initiatives." In light of the recent news that the cladding used was flammable to save a reported measly £5,000, and that sprinklers weren't retrofitted to save a reported £200,000. I believe he has failed this responsibility miserably, his heartlessness and carelessness has resulted in the loss of countless lives, absolute devastation to countless families, and a traumatic event that has rocked a community to its core. For this, he should be held accountable. He too must be sacked immediately, and should face criminal charges, including gross negligence manslaughter

I hope this is reason enough for all of you to realise that these individuals could have stopped this and are directly responsible. Please sign the petition so that we can start getting Justice for Grenfell. This is just the beginning though. These are not the only two responsible, and there needs to be more accountability moving forward, but this is a step in the right direction.


[A more full definition of gross negligence manslaughter:

Gross Negligence Manslaughter
This is where the death is a result of a grossly negligent (though otherwise lawful) act or omission on the part of the defendant. The law in respect of this has been clarified in the case of R v Adomako (1994) 3 All ER 79 where a four stage test for gross negligence manslaughter known as the Adomako Test was outlined by the House of Lords:

The test involves the following stages:

a) the existence of a duty of care to the deceased;
b) a breach of that duty of care which;
c) causes (or significantly contributes) to the death of the victim; and
d) the breach should be characterised as gross negligence, and therefore a crime.]





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