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It is time for a change to the manner in which CPS conducts business and now citizen's, yes, just plain citizen's like myself are getting involved.

I have not had my children removed by CPS but I have heard enough cases to realize that it is time that we all stand together, UNITED to expose what is going within these agencies, why it is going on and MOST IMPORTANTLY A RESOLUTION.

We can complain about CPS and cry about missing our children but until we have a resolution, we have nothing.

Unfortunately not all parents are fit and willing to care for their children. In all instances where CPS intervenes into family unit for child removal, every opportunity possible MUST be made to keep the children somewhere within the family unit. Federal funds that go to Foster homes should be diverted to parenting classes where parents can learn how to better care for and provide for their children. These schools must have a plan with classes and graduation.

UNPAID citizen's committee's must be instituted immediately around the country. This will take the incentive away from the dollars and back to the true best interest of the children. These citizen committee's will work to oversee and interject on decisions made by CPS where children are removed from the family unit.

We must remove all federal incentive dollars to remove children from the family unit. Any and all federal incentives MUST go towards keeping the children within the family unit and education of the family unit. NO DOLLARS FOR REMOVAL.

UNITED we can stop the abuse and suffering of our children. Please join me in this citizen's campaign to demand a change to CPS.

Donald Tenn

Donald Tenn, Sacramento, CA, United States
8 years ago
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