Hold Camp 15 & UWaterloo accountable for a more equitable experience for Humans of Trans experience

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This petition is a direct response to the occurrences that happened on Thursday, January 25th, 2018.

Where 4th year University of Waterloo Nanotechnology Engineering student, Noah Debrincat, was discriminated against due to his gender expression. The series of occurrences are recounted below by Noah himself.

What has happened so far?
Many fellow students, friends, and acquaintances have reached out to Camp 15 regarding these events.

Camp 15 has responded to attempt to remedy the situation with a dismissive email and allowing Noah to use his preferred name during the ceremony. They state it was a "misunderstanding". Here are Noah's comments regarding this response:

"ALL the other (cis) individuals left that building feeling excited. Part of a group, and because of a "misunderstanding" I left feeling hurt.

Neglecting to be considerate of all individuals, no matter the circumstances, is still negligence. It doesn't matter that your intention wasn't against trans people, it matters that in your intentions you failed to consider trans people.

I am not an identity thief. I am not trying to mislead anyone.

I am a human of trans experience.

Shrugging this off as just another misunderstanding, allows this to happen again to the next trans person who goes through the process. Something has to be done differently.

This is an outcry to every organization and every individual that chooses logistics over compassion.

There should have been a representative that understood the process better, and that could cater to trans people the same way they catered to 999 other cis people.

I don't want an explanation; I want change. I want life for trans people to be as easy as life is for cis people.

While I would appreciate an apology as a personal sign of respect, the resolution I'd like to achieve is a point of action."

In addition to these comments, Noah has suggested the following points of action be petitioned towards:


- A developed action plan how the process will be changed in order to ensure this never happens to any other trans person, ever again.


- class rosters available to professors with mandatory preferred name fields
- pronouns on all rosters
- WATCARD to reflect preferred name
- student services for trans folk to get their names officially changed with the government


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