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Hold Aqua America accountable for their unfair business practices.

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Aqua America is a private firm that provides water service to communities all over the country. They are usually the only option people in these neighborhoods have, and they are charging unusually high rates in exchange for poor, often undrinkable, water.

We've been living in an Aqua America serviced neighborhood for about 10 months, and immediately noticed that the water tasted like seawater. After repeated calls to Aqua, we were always told that it was a buildup of calcium in the lines due to the new construction, and it would fade over time. It hasn't. We've spoke to dozens of our neighbors (and found many more online) and they all say the same thing - the Aqua water is undrinkable!

Not only is the water undrinkable, but we are paying outrageous fees in order to use it. The baseline of our bill every month is $126 ($48 - Water Base Facility Charge, $73 - Sewer Base Facility Charge, $5 - regulatory fees) and that's before we even consume a single drop of the foul tasting water! Our average monthly usage is 14k gallons at $0.00405/gallon for another $56. Then add $30-40 we spend every month in actual bottled drinking water and we are looking at well over $200 every month just in water, and it's even worse in other areas. Some people can't even bathe with their Aqua water because it's brown and has a film on it.

The final issue that we have is with our fire protection services - all of the hydrants in our neighborhood have been crudely painted black to signify that they are low pressure flush valves. This means that they can't supply the adequate pressure needed to a fire hose to put out a fire without risking the collapse of the water pipes. When we brought this to Aqua's attention, they replied that they 'did the minimum that they're required to do, and fire prevention isn't their job.' Because of the subpar fire prevention rating for our community, our homeowner's insurance is slated to double, if not triple like some of our neighbors' already have.

Please sign this petition to help bring awareness to Aqua America's unfair business practices in hopes that they will lower rates and provide reasonable service to their customers across the country.

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