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Hold Applebee's accountable: Re-hire the waitresses who were unjustly fired!

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Two waitresses were recently fired for posting a picture of a receipt that included an incredibly rude note from the Pastor who had patronized the establishment. (One of the original articles can be found at )

If someone does not wish to give the commonly accepted, standard gratuity of 18% for a large table, in this case 8, they should certainly not blame their own lack of respect for others - nor their lack of generosity and common courtesy - on God. All Christians should know the basic commandments and, without over analyzing, NO Pastor should be using God's name in vain. I cannot think of a more heinous example of using God's name in vain than to use His name to avoid tipping those who have worked to serve you. This petition is most important for social justice for the job loss, but also for those who agree that this sets a terrible example for anyone who portends to be a good Christian. This is an example of the abuse of authority that we, as humans, have wrestled with since the dawn of time and hope - or pray - to overcome.

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