Hold Animal Abusers Accountable in El Paso County

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Slocum Rd. Abuser Charged BUT NOT YET ARRESTED

HOLLOWAY HAS BEEN CHARGED THANKS TO YOUR SUPPORT!! HOWEVER... WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!!! Holloway hasn't even been arrested yet, and even once he is, please keep looking for more ways to have your voice heard. Several People in High Paces have said that the noise made by this community --YOU-- played a huge role in these charges being filed. We'll be sitting in on hearings and circulating more petitions every time it seems like justice for these animals is too slow or in danger of not happening. PLEASE follow Colorado Horse Rescue Network on Facebook and watch for updates on this case, and opportunities to help. Because DA May FINALLY charged Brian Holloway with 2 felonies and 10 misdemeanors, this petition is no longer relevant, and will be discontinued, but your signature will be printed out and we can use this HUGE list to show that people in El Paso County won't tolerate animal abuse. THANK YOU!!

Colorado Horse Rescue Network
3 years ago