Hold a vote of no confidence in North East Lincolnshire Council

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We the people of North East Lincolnshire are sick and tired of our council consistently making decisions which act against our interests, most notably spending large sums of money on questionable investments whilst claiming to not have the funds for many basic services such as free public toilets in the Cleethorpes resort; all of these projects all result in excessive profits for private company ENGIE.

We are therefore increasingly suspicious that our council leaders are corrupt and act only for self gain, using taxpayers' money to line their and ENGIE's pockets at the expense of us, the residents, who have to foot the bill for these questionable spending decisions.

The most notable example of this is the decision to replace Tollbar roundabout (a junction everyone agrees needs attention in the form of a more long term solution) with traffic lights. There is a very small minority of people who agree with this decision, with almost everybody else in agreement that it will cause traffic chaos and actually reduce the safety of the road, as cars will speed up in order to get through before a red light, and children will step out into the road believing it is "clear", i.e. as the light is turning green for another entrance into the junction (where traffic will quickly build up again). This decision is even opposed by the school. Evidence used to back up their reasoning is questionable and they have been hesitant to explain in more detail, indicating that they are scared of alternate evidence being found which would conflict with their predisposed attitudes.

Only 3 councillors turned up to the vote, and so therefore as those who claim to represent us don't care about issues we are passionate about, we believe they no longer share our interests and so should be removed from office. We also believe the opinion of just 3 people (who won't be affected by the chaos this will cause) shouldn't dictate the monumental decision to rip up this roundabout against the will of the people.

This specific project will cost £2.1 million; the residents of this community strongly disapprove of this waste of money which comes after a long line of questionable decisions made by the same few people in an apparently corrupt cosy boardroom with ENGIE.

Other recent notable examples of this behaviour are the controversial location of the new GTFC community stadium (of which Cllr John Fenty is the director of), and certain elements of the transformation of Grimsby town centre. However, the decision to replace Tollbar roundabout is by far the most controversial, and concerns of the community have been completely disregarded by the council.

Therefore I propose the public have the opportunity to vote on a motion of no confidence in the councillors of North East Lincolnshire Council.

Regardless of the outcome of this petition, I hope it sends a strong message to NELC that although we accept some hard decisions in any council are inevitable, this particular council act consistently for their own personal gain, and against the interests of local residents.



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