Hold a second, fair editorial examination. Defend the Collegian.

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The 95th year of the Collegian is drawing to a close, which should mark the transition to the leadership of a new editor. However, the irregularities that marred the 2018 Editorial Examination render the future of the Collegian bleak.

Almost two months have passed since the five-member Board of Judges (BOJ)—led by College of Mass Communication Dean Elena Pernia—acted without or in excess of its jurisdiction when it disqualified Collegian staffers Marvin Ang and Richard Cornelio from taking the editorial examination, despite their submission beforehand of a college-issued document certifying their qualifications. Furthermore, this decision questions the very credibility of the BOJ, which even allowed graduating students to take the exams in the past.

Several anomalies on the conduct of examination itself, such as the use of laptops in the layout examination, undermine the integrity of the outcome. These irregularities have created a chilling effect not only on the current staff, but also on the future Collegian. The delay in the administration’s action, in fact, also means a delay in the operations of the incoming term—with whoever the editor is—particularly with respect to its budget and printing process.

In this light, we, the students, alumni, members of the faculty, members of the press, and the reading public support the following demands:

1. That the results of the examinations held on May 5 be nullified;

2. That a new Board of Judges be constituted as soon as possible, with a new Chair, as per Article II Section 4 of the Philippine Collegian Rules, which grants the Chancellor authority to appoint the chairman of the BOJ and its members;

3. That Cornelio and Ang be recognized as qualified to take the exams; and

4. That a new examination be held as soon as possible, under the reconstituted BOJ, and with Cornelio and Ang added to the list of participants.

More importantly, we call on the UP Diliman administration to act with urgency and soundness on our call to select a new editor based on a process that is free from any anomaly.


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