Save Ana's Tree House!

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Ana's birthday wish was to get a treehouse for her ninth birthday. Her amazing dad built her one, and for the last six months, we all enjoyed it. Kids used it for playdates and hangouts.  All used it as a safe haven from COVID lockdown. The kids summer holiday was gone but the tree house helped them still build a happy 2020 memories. We got so many compliments from great looking, eco-friendly structure from the neighbor we stop counting. Unfortunately, this could all come to an end. The county informed us that we not only need to pay a $913 fee but also a special approval by the committee to keep it. If we do not obtain it, we will have to tear it down in 30 days. So we are asking for your help. Not money, just your signature. Please sign this petition to build a strong case in front of the county and help Ana save her Birthday treehouse!