Keep Chance, the deaf boxer, with his current human family

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I need your help. I was given a deaf boxer by a lady who was moving and was not able to take him. She was moving in with her parents and they told her she could not bring him. This baby is 7 years old and when I saw the post about him, I knew i had to help him. I was fostering with a rescue currently called Mutts 2 Majesty (previous name was Rags to Royalty, but they were sued and had to change it). I asked the rescue if they could help me in taking him in as I could not commit to a third dog at that time. They agreed and told me to understand that I may be stuck with him forever due to him being older and handicapped. I told them I was perfectly ok with that. I got this baby on Feb 3rd. 

Being a boxer, he can get hyper at times. If he saw his leash or food bowl he would get hyped up and start hopping around. My 1.5 year old daughter loves him and is always around him (not unsupervised). She ended up getting knocked down and he almost stepped on her. He didn't mean to but it happened because she was near him when he got excited. Well another time they were sitting on the floor together playing and he tried to "shake" and when he lifted his paw, he accidentally scratched her face. My other dogs didn't care for him. He would also occasionally chase my cats if they ran pass him but he wouldn't try to hurt them. My fiance decided maybe we shouldn't keep him due to these minor issues and he also didn't really want a third dog. I told the rescue that I couldn't adopt him. 

I cried all night over the thought of losing Chance. We have such a close bond. He is so attached to me. He follows me EVERYWHERE. He howls when I'm out of his sight. He is so happy here and I didn't want to lose him. I talked to my fiance and he agreed with me and agreed that we couldn't lose this special baby. I contacted the rescue and told them that I made a mistake and told them that I did in fact want to adopt Chance. I couldn't imagine not having him in my life.

The rescue originally told me fosters get their dog if they want to adopt them and they made me think I would still be able to adopt Chance. A day or so passed and they messaged me and told me that they had other applications for Chance and they'd be doing a vote to see who gets him. They still to this day (3-14-18), haven't "approved" any applicants.

Chance has a sensitive stomach and he ran out of food and was due for his heartgard pill. As a rescue, they supply everything the dog needs. That was in their contract. I let the rescue know multiple times that he needed food and his pill and they ignored me. I supplied him with food and they didn't end up giving me more food or his heartgard pill until 1.5-2 weeks later. At that time, they messaged me and told me that my application was denied bc I had previously said I could not adopt him. 

I was devastated. I begged and pleaded with Robin, the head of the rescue. I told her he is so happy and attached to us. I asked her to come see how happy he is. I said I would pay his adoption fee of $225 and the money they put into him. She told me to stop messaging her about it and it was my fault. 

I stayed in contact with his original owner because Chance was her young sons therapy dog for his anxiety. He wanted to get updates on Chance so I sent pictures and video chatted so he could see Chance was happy and healthy which helped him cope with not being able to keep Chance. I told his original owner that the rescue wasn't letting me adopt him so she called the rescue and said she was coming back to get him because he was happy with me and she thought I was going to adopt him. 

Robin freaked out and called me yelling and said she was getting Chance that night and to have his stuff ready. She said Chance was her property and his owner could not have him back. She told me she was putting him in boarding. I couldn't imagine how scared he would be being in a strange place like that so I could not let her do that to him. She came to my house to get Chance and we told her to show us the owner surrender paper (which doesn't exist) and told her to call the cops. 

The cops came and they told her Chance is happy and healthy and that if she wanted to try to get him back then she can take us to court. She is now trying to sue me over getting Chance back. She has a foster contract that does say on it that their foster dogs have to be returned on demand if they say so. I signed this in the beginning to foster with the Rescue but this contract was not for Chance. I never signed anything regarding Chance except for my adoption application for him.

Chance is not an object or property to me. He is my family. We have a strong bond and I'm fighting to keep my baby where he is happy and safe. I've been working with him on sign as he already knows sign for "sit", "lay down" and "shake". I'm more careful when I know he will get excited. I make sure my daughter is not near him or I make sure I am holding her when I bring out his leash or food so she doesn't accidentally get knocked down when he gets hyped up. My other dogs are finally liking him and he is good with my cats now. Chance doesn't deserve to be passed around to another family who doesn't understand him like me. He is comfortable and happy in my home. He sleeps with me every night. Robin hasn't ever even seen him in person. The rescue knows nothing about this boy except what I've told them. I love this dog like no other. Please help me fight to keep my special boy.

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