#Hok_Protibaad #DKK Out and Protest against False allegation

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college - Jalpaiguri Government engineering college

I will request everyone to support us... Share this please and let everyone know about the action taken on us due to the strike that was held on 16th march against one of our teacher for the physical assault done on us!

The incident in details...

On 15th of March, some words were exchanged between the first years and second years. The second years and first years were solving this issue within themselves. In the meantime, the authority interfered and wanted to take over the matter completely in their hands. The matter was completely solved between us but the authority threatened to take action against us.

In the meantime, one of our teachers Dr. Dipak Kumar Kole interfered, despite him not being the Hostel Superintendent of any of the hostels. He thrashed one of our batchmates and abused him with foul language and pushed one of the batchmates, who fell on broken glass panel and had SEVERE STITCHES on his hand(The pic has been attached. )

He telephoned the guardian of one of the victim and presented himself as the "Principal" of the college. He THREATENED the guardian that his son will be sent to jail and will not allow him to complete his engineering degree. The guardian was a heart patient and was high on blood pressure after hearing all the false allegations. He threatened all of us to give backlog in the upcoming semester examinations by noting down our names. This has been going for many days now where we are being MENTALLY HARASSED and PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED by him during class hours.

The whole college held a strike on 16th of March, demanding legal action against the guilty. We demanded a talk between the teachers and us in the auditorium in presence of all the students and teachers. But all our requests were denied. Right from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m in the next morning no one ate anything and was sitting over there in front of the college gate demanding justice.

POLICE AND RAF (LIVE VIDEO IS THERE IN MY PROFILE) entered the campus around 5 p.m in the evening despite us having a non-violent strike. The police had a talk with the SIR at first, without even knowing our side. After knowing his side, the police came to us and had a talk with us and asked us TO WRITE A LETTER AND THE LETTER WILL BE FORWARDED ON TUESDAY. We demanded immediate action against him since none of us was willing to attend his class anymore. In the meantime, DKK sir left the college without any prior notice to the authority nor to the police(AS GIVEN IN WRITTEN BY IPS PRESENT ON DUTY).

The police left principal in the college with two police guarding his cabin and went away at 1 am in the morning of 17th.(ASSURANCE GIVEN THAT DKK SIR WILL BE BROUGHT BACK IN THE CAMPUS).

Allegations that are made against him are:

1. Physical assault of students.
2. Using foul language.
4. Giving BACKLOGS to students who had some personal issues with him.
5. interfering in students personal life and harassing him.
6. Rusticating a student from the hostel within a span of an hour without any probe, and later the student was found out to be innocent after the probe.
7. Thrashing student in front of the class for not bringing a project in spiral binding.
8. Giving students backlog. Reason- Commenting and liking a status at social media.
9. Threating guardians on a regular basis.

We the students of JGEC request everyone to stand with us and help us in our protest till the ouster of him. We are only demanding an investigation and a transfer against him, till then suspending him from the college. We the students of JGEC cannot attend classes of him due to the fear that he has installed in us.

The college authorities has closed the mess and are not providing us with any food also.