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Allow Justin Wong into Hogwarts School

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Professional gammer Justin Wong is one of the most recognized names in e-sports. He has represented the United States at the highest level of competition and dominated many different games. But these victories have all been hollow. Justin has never achieved his true dream of joining his friends at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have the power to change this and make a real difference!

Justin has written many application letters but is always rejected by Dumbledore or the other faculty. There was no reason given for these rejections. This sad state of affairs caused Justin to concentrate on his gamming career, which has been a great success, but he still longs for the hallowed halls of Hogwarts. Lets make it happen before time runs out!

If Justin Wong was allowed to come to Hogwarts he would not be any trouble at all. He would be a good student and certainly never mention "you-know-who". He would most likely be sorted into house Ravenclaw and would never ever become a dark wizard. Justin would be excellent at quidditch, divination and magic. He would never use his magic powers for personal gain or to kill professional gammer Daigo Umehara.

So this petition is asking the faculty of Hogwarts to please reconsider. We are also asking for Justin to be provided with an owl, a wand, and tuition for 8 semesters at the prestigious school.

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