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Bring Back Hofusa

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Over the summer of 2017, Hofstra University, completed an unjust act that resulted in hatred, tears and dishonor. The university made a contract with Smashburger, and removed the student's beloved Hofstra USA, a campus diner. This diner had many options, for any and all dietary needs. Now Smahsburger has ruined it. There are limited options, and even those who eat meat do not want to eat a burger at 1 am, or everyday for that matter. Students are getting ill from the food, no one is receiving proper nutrients and now in addition to this disgusting slop they call food, they also would like to add in a Chik-fil-a and remove our 24/7 opened grocery store. Apparently the university does not care about their students health, and will do anything to make money for themselves. Didn't think a liberal Univeristy could be so corrupt. Interesting. In addition to this, the university did not allow the students to have a say in this major change. Now all students can eat after midnight on campus is burgers, fries or milkshakes. Unless, of course, the university is pushing for students to walk off campus into the dangerous streets of Hempstead, on the Turnpike, to get more of a variety of options. Hofstra University is ruining their students from the inside out. It is their job to protect us, but instead they are actually slowly killing us by providing the students with fast food, filled with carcinogens. Hofusa has been on this campus from basically the beginning and now they have removed a historical monument. The menu included anything a student could want late at night after studying. The atmosphere was inviting and encouraged students to relax after a hard day at class. Now when students go to Smashburger, they wait a minimum of an hour for their food or drink, and when they receive the is cold, and if that isn't the worst part, now students do not even sit down and eat, they walk back to their dorms to eat it. There is no relaxing or social environment there, where you can meet new people or talk to your friends. Smashburger is the worst thing Hofstra has ever brought to this campus. Removing Hofstra USA was the biggest mistake. Bring Hofusa back or bring me death.  

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