Semester break for universities across Pakistan.

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In light of the the COVID-19 outbreak and it’s current circumstances, the government has announced the continuation of university classes through online means. However, unfortunately, this method of course delivery has been a complete and utter failure. Live streaming an online lecture with more than 30 people at one time requires a strong fiber backed internet connectivity which majority of us students do not possess. We believe, in a country like Pakistan, it is almost impossible to have an internet connection strong enough to stream HD video in real time, and what is being shown to us is a blurred out stream where one can’t even see what’s going on in it. Video delay, lag, and playback buffering make lectures ineffective. The noise and disturbance in signals make the lecturer inaudible, moreover, the lecturers have no control over users, which allows outsiders to join in and further disrupt the classes. All of us have paid hefty sums of money as fees in order to gain quality education, which we currently aren’t receiving, and this is only leading to wastage of time and resources of both, teachers and students. This may adversely affect our GPA’s. A semester break, thus, is a suitable option, while extending dates for final examinations. Classes can be continued when universities reopen as soon as the prevailing issue ebbs down.