Student appeal to postpone online practical examinations

Student appeal to postpone online practical examinations

1 May 2020
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HOD of Electronics and Communication Department of GNIT
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Why this petition matters

We, on behalf of students of ECE department (ECE-1 AND ECE-2), would like to draw your kind attention to the specific issue regarding Online Practical Examinations, dated from 4th May to 21st May. The problems we all are facing are listed below:

1. We were told about the date of the examination just 5 days before the scheduled date.

2. Most of our practical classes during this lockdown, and also some of the theory classes, were taken on the Youtube platform. And there were very less classes for practical subjects. It is truly hard for us or nearly impossible to understand such technical stuff on that platform, without having actual experiments done on laboratories, where there is no explanation and over view.

3. A lot of students stay in college hostels/private messes. Due to this outbreak of COVID-19, many of them left the books and all other study materials there.

4. Our college being an autonomous body, is also affiliated to MAKAUT and accredited by UGC. So, in this case, we, the students, have to follow the instructions given by the higher management body. As per UGC, the exam will be conducted only for the end semester students. However, for the students of intermediate semester, they are directed to have promotion based on the internal marks and the average of previous semester result. So, being in 4th semester, we are instructed by the department for the practical examination viva to be held on the mentioned date without any proper time gap.

5. Amongst the students, many of them couldn't attend online classes due to poor network connection. We also didn't have enough classes and revisions to give examination at this moment. 6. Due to this outbreak of COVID-19, we all are in debilitated conditions. We all are facing mental stress at this moment. Is there so much urgency right now to take such important examinations without proper notice?

So, madam, we want you to look at some of the ways to combat the situation, which are listed as follows:

1. Examinations are ought to be taken only after lockdown ends.

2. If lockdown extends till July or August, we can give online examinations only after satisfactory completion of both syllabus and revisions, on the month of July.

3. We need at least 1.5 to 2 months of revision of all the subjects (practical as well as theory). We want thorough revisions for the whole of May-June.

4. Internal examinations are being held and can be continually taken to keep our sincerity, but not for any assessment.

5. Knowledge is the most important factor. Even if exams are delayed now for a month or two, it won’t make much of a change, but once a topic left behind, we will never be looking at it afterwards. Also, lockdown is getting extended and the current situation is degrading hour by hour, not day by day.

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Signatures: 558Next Goal: 1,000
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  • HOD of Electronics and Communication Department of GNIT