Change of rules to allow female field hockey players to wear shorts in women's league

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Regarding section 5.1 of the Sydney Women's Hockey League (SWHL) - Conditions of Play 2019, specifically the statement "Shorts are not permitted".

Hockey requires a certain standard of uniform and gear to ensure the safety of players and officials.

As evidenced in Men’s competition, wearing shorts will not impact a player’s performance in a hockey match.  It is requested that SWHL should embrace and promote the benefits of shorts for women, whilst also allowing them the choice of wearing the traditional skort - provided they are the same colour.

It is noted that this is "women’s" hockey, and as tradition dictates, skorts are to be worn on the field.  It is suggested that the regulations associated with women's hockey uniforms abide by anti-discrimination legislation, which would allow women to choose between the traditional skort or a pair of shorts in the same shade, registered with SWHL.

Hockey NSW's diversity and inclusion framework speaks to the creation of safe, inclusive sporting environments.  Last night, it was experienced firsthand how sending a player off the field for wearing hockey shorts can impact on their well-being due to concerns relating to body-image, bullying and/or feelings of vulnerability.  We have based much of this motion on the HNSW Core Values, which can be found on their website.

As a further point of reference, we refer to the England Hockey Championships Regulations 2017-2018, point 9.1.1 states “(Women only) Field players shall wear uniform shirts, skorts or shorts. 

The rules of "Sydney Women's Hockey League - Condition of Play 2019”, under section 5 "Uniform and playing numbers", subset 5.1 "Shorts are not permitted" must be reviewed and updated.