Let Parents Back in the Rink!

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As kids begin to gear up for the minor hockey season, parents are still being refused entry into the rinks to watch them play. Yes, this is about the kids. And yes, parents have the right to watch their kids.

Parents have been met with hostile administrators at rinks across NS saying they refuse to hire more staff to clean. This isn’t about cleaning. In fact, minor hockey associations have said they would happily provide the staff to assist with cleaning.

This is about safety and ensuring a safe and secure plan that allows parents to enter the facility in a coordinated, risk-free fashion. Rinks in PEI have already adopted protocols that allow parents to watch games, so why can’t Nova Scotia health officials and politicians figure out a similar plan? 

Parents need to come together and insist the rules be changed. While malls, bars, restaurants and other public facilities are open to the public, there is NO reason why rinks should be closed to parents, especially with a mandatory mask policy in effect in indoor facilities.

Please let Dr. Strang and NS politicians know that we want the rules changed. Sign this petition if you agree that hockey parents are responsible adults who deserve to watch their children play hockey.