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Electing Gary Bettman to the Hockey Hall of Fame is a massive mistake and would be a black eye to hockey and the fans who love the sport. He has done very little to enhance the game and is disliked by the masses. He has all but destroyed competitive hockey on the professional level in Canada and his actions are indicative of someone who does not care about the rich history and tradition of hockey in our great country.

Under Gary Bettman, there have been 3 work stoppages in the NHL. Fans and players alike have suffered due to Bettman's inability to negotiate fairly and in good faith. An entire season was lost under Gary Bettman's regime. 

Hockey has faltered in Canada. Gary Bettman continues to insist on putting new franchises in places that have no interest in hockey to begin with and moving teams to other places that also have no fan base and no business with NHL franchises. (See: Atlanta Thrashers, Carolina Hurricanes, Phoenix Coyotes, etc.) Canadian franchises suffer due to Bettman's insistence on cramming hockey down America's throat and his non-stop changing of the game to suit the American and European audiences. The game is ever changing, negatively, and we are getting further and further away from the game of hockey as we know it. Gary Bettman does not care about Canadian hockey, or hockey in general. 

Under Gary Bettman, the NHL has little to nothing in place to protect its players from head injuries. Gary Bettman has largely remained mum on concussion protocols and what can be done to better protect players both current and retired. He does not care about the current players or retired players.

It would be a great injustice to hockey on any and all levels if Gary Bettman were elected to the HHOF. He is booed by the majority for a reason. He is not liked for many reasons. Having him in the HHOF would be an embarrassment to hockey. Please voice your opinion on this matter. Sign this petition in the hope that we can prevent this abomination from actually happening.