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In 2019 the Hobson’s Bay Council endorsed the closing down of the Laverton Swim and Fitness Centre. The decision to close the pool was made without proper consultation with the residents of Laverton. This petition is in response to the voice of our community and what this pool means to the people of Laverton.

 What is so special about this pool?  The funds that were required to build this centre were raised by our parents and our grandparents who lived in Laverton in the 1960s and 1970s. The money was raised through the dedication of the families in Laverton collecting money from everyone in their streets for years. This is why the residents of Laverton feel so strongly about our Family Pool, it was never the councils to get rid of in the first place and should only be improved and grown in line with the town it lives in.

 There have been a lot of changes in Laverton over the years which comes with progress our community is getting bigger and bigger however the facilities have not grown in our town. 

For many families, our pool has been where our children have learnt water safety and have become confident swimmers. For the parents of these children it was a social gathering and a place to connect. If the plans for McCormick Park proceed there will not place for people to swim, to exercise or to attend the numerous classes that the centre provides. 


What we wish to achieve with this petition at the very least is for our Pool to remain in Laverton for the service of our community. What we hope is for the Pool to be redeveloped in line with the growing community of Laverton for our health and wellbeing for many years to come.