Help save Cooraminta Childrens Centre for future generations.

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You can help save Cooraminta Children’s Centre, located on Bruce Comben Reserve, Altona Meadows.

Hobson’s Bay city council currently have a proposal for the development of a new Aquatic centre to be built on Bruce Comben reserve.

When the proposal was announced we were all very excited and looked forward to the development of another service for our families and the wider community.

That was until it was revealed that the council has plans to demolish Cooraminta Children’s Centre, a near new Car park and new sporting ovals.

They wish to have our perfectly good building demolished in a few years time. And replace our much loved centre with a most likely for profit child care centre when the aquatic centre opens.  This will leave 16 staff without jobs, 200 families will lose the benefits of s local 3 & 4 year kindergarten, playgroup and MCH services while the new complex is being built and most likely thereafter.

They plan to replace Cooraminta with a very small building that will not have the room for all of the current families. The plans also show the new child care is next to the pools chemical plant area and also behind a truck delivery area.

After Cooraminta has been demolished there may be children that will miss out going to kindergarten. As many of the families don’t drive and or do not want to send their child to a child care center for their early years of education.

Bruce Comben  reserve has a lot of unused space.

We are asking Hobsons Bay to reconsider the need to demolish Cooraminta Children’s Centre.

I started this petition, because…
Cooraminta isn’t just a building, Cooraminta is a very large family, it’s very hard to put into words the feeling, the spirit that belongs to every child, parent or grandparent that has been part of Cooraminta over its 28 years. Cooraminta is still a strong thriving service, a great support network to many many children and families in our community, so please read the current plans, leave comments, and sign the petition to save a vital part of our community and children’s early years education.

Surely there is enough room on Comben reserve for Cooraminta and the new Aquatic Centre