Help the Hoboken City Council Prioritize Fixing Our Parking Problems

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The Mayor of Hoboken has persuaded Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher to introduce a new city ordinance which will raise the Hoboken residential on-street parking permit from $15 to $52. The City Council has passed this ordinance on first reading and it will be voted on at that next meeting to become official. 

For a decade the HPU and parking in this city has been used as a back-door tax on its residents. Over $6 million dollars in parking related tickets a year are collected. Residents are constantly confused and mislead with ever changing parking regulations, inconsistent parking rules, flawed parking programs, lack of updated parking information, untimely notifications, void of modern parking technology, and a corrupt over aggressive ticket quota enforcement patrol system. Instead of prioritizing fixes for the above mentioned travesties, this City administration and majority of City Council members want to raise revenue with a long lasting parking permit price structure. They want to ignore all core parking problems that drive residents and visitors alike and instead help raise revenue.

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