Hobart City Council fix the top of the '99 Steps'

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The ’99 Steps’, situated between 362 and 390 Liverpool St, West Hobart, are an iconic link between South Hobart and West Hobart used by dozens of pedestrians, dogs, and cyclists daily.

At the top of the 99 Steps a fenced-off strip of Council land (in front of 362) adjoins the road, but historically, Council have done little or no upkeep to this area.

There are no stormwater drains or footpaths on the southern side of Liverpool St, and the current configuration of Council fences in front of 362 and large steel ‘chicanes’ at the top of the Steps forces pedestrians (including children) straight onto the road.

This petition requests the HCC address these issues by re-furbishing the area at the top of the 99 Steps. Ideally, this would include construction of drains, footpaths and a new staging area (including a seat).

If you are a regular or occasional user of the  99 Steps, or just a West Hobart community member interested in improving the amenity of our shared urban environment, please support this petition.