Vote of no confidence for Hobart Lord Mayor Ron Christie

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Hobart Lord Mayor Ron Christie recently came out attacking the Dark MOFO festival in Hobart, after an online petition in relation to complaints about religious symbolism and for the immediate removal of inverted crosses around the city, that were erected as part of the festival. Going on to threatening to cut funding to the event in future years.

Lord Mayor Christie has now gone one step further, and attacked tourism in general for the city of Hobart, and declared "leave us alone" to tourists. He claims we are being "brainwashed" by the tourism industry and the government into believing tourism is in best interest for the city and state. Going on to make unsubstantial claims like tourism being to blame for traffic congestion and the housing crisis.

He is threatening a 3 billion dollar economy for the state of Tasmania, and putting at risk up to 38,000 jobs that are directly and indirectly supported by tourism, as well as deter any future investors and tourists who will not visit a city they are told they are not wanted in.

We want to make sure that Ron Christie and the rest of the world know that these are his own personal views driven by his own agenda and that he does not speak for the majority of people in Hobart and Tasmania.

This is a petition to show support for Ron Christie to be removed from his role as the Lord Mayor and Alderman before irreparable damage is done to the city of Hobart.