Regular closure of Pinnacle Road, Hobart

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Due to COVID-19 restriction, locals recently had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of kunanyi / Mt Wellington without road traffic on Pinnacle Road. Walkers and cyclists were able to enjoy the scenery without the dangers and noise of traffic. 

Families were able to ride or walk together on the road. I saw a family with three children, including a 7 year old riding his bike the whole way up to the top. What an achievement!

I spoke to an elderly couple who would normally have trouble walking up the steep and rough walking trails, and they were enjoying walking up Pinnacle Road. 

I propose that the road is regularly closed to allow this to occur more often. There are some climbing roads in Europe that deliberately close to cars on a weekly basis so that locals and tourists can enjoy the journey and the view without the danger and noise. While weekly may be too frequent for Hobart, I suggest that fortnightly or monthly would create a special day without greatly impacting those who prefer to drive to the top.