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As a non-smoker working in the hospitality industry and a rate payer within the CBD, I am deeply aware and concerned by the enormous immobilising impact this will have on a number of business’s in the CBD which is the epicentre for workers, tourists, shoppers, etc.
The hospitality industry will suffer greatly and so will people who work in the CBD. 
Hospitality industries rely on customers that have a beverage after work and there are many people that smoke whether they are a smoker or a social smoker. If people are unable to do this they will go elsewhere, jobs will be lost and small businesses will close. Causing a disadvantage in the CBD unlike the business’s in Salamanca.  
People who work in the CBD will also suffer as they will not be able to smoke during their break and shoppers who smoke will be deterred from coming into the CBD knowing they can’t go anywhere for a cigarette when they need to.
Hobart does not have the population as it is to support small business, many are already struggling and closing down. Hobart City Council should have consultation with The Small Business Association and The Tasmanian Hospitality Association to correctly understand the impact on all businesses.

Hobart City Council have said they would allow around $70,000 a year for an enforcement officer, this officer wouldn’t be monitoring 24 hours 7 days a week, so councillors have suggested Police and other organisations enforce the ban.Tax payers money could be spent better elsewhere in the community e.g. health system, parks, child services, homeless, etc. 

It appears that no thought or consideration has gone into the decision proposed by Hobart Councillor Helen Burnet and supporting officers. The people of Hobart have not voted for the decision to ban smoking from Hobart CBD.
Tobacco is a legal product and people are being victimised from an addiction they cannot control, people who smoke are aware of the negative effects of their smoking. Banning smoking will not stop people from smoking, they will either ignore the ban or smoke elsewhere. Smokers are socially conscious, rarely do you witness people walking down the street with a cigarette in hand, most are already hiding in a laneway or sitting on a bench. 
It would be far more appropriate to provide smokers with a designated space where there would be no impact on non-smokers instead of punishing them like criminals for an addiction beyond their control.
There are already appropriate places where smoking is banned in and around the CBD, there is no need for Hobart City Councillors to use a heavy hand to enforce a ban on smoking in the CBD.
We would like Hobart City Council to reject the proposed plan to “Ban Smoking In The CBD”.

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