Immediately remove, repair, or replace the parking meters in the Hobart CBD

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We the people, demand that the Hobart City council immediately stop the use of the parking meter's in the Municipality of Hobart, and refund every person that we believe have been duped out of their money that the Council to date refuse to reimburse.  

The amount of money that has been poured into these machine's that we believe have arguably been designed to fail and rip people off out of their hard earned money we think is nothing short of criminal.  In this day and age it is laughable to think that the technology is "still being developed"  that would prevent people from continuing to "feed the meter".  especially when there are parking meters in other areas that already have fail safes installed to prevent this from happening.  In the event that someone does "feed the meter" the council refusing to refund their money is absolutely disgusting.

The Trade practices act 1974 states that any business practice that is deceptive, or fraudulent is classed as unfair trade practice, and illegal.

According to the ACCC it is illegal practice to take money, knowing that you cannot provide the goods, or service desired.

Unfortunately it would appear that none of this seems to apply to the Hobart City Council and there is little to no governing body to over see what rules and act's that they wish to write.

We the people, demand that the Hobart City Council stop using these machine's effective immediately UNTIL they are fixed to operate in an ethical manor.

We the people, demand that the Hobart City Council immediately refund and reimburse anybody that they have deceived and wrongfully taken money from in our opinion with these parking meters.

We the people, demand that the Hobart City Council release a statement on all reasonable social media platforms used, and to local papers apologizing for the deceptive, disgusting, unethical, and immoral ways that they have knowingly operated these parking meters and by doing so have done wrong by not only the city of Hobart, but also every tourist form near and far and by doing so made the Capitol city of our state look like an absolute joke.

We the people, demand that the whole parking infringement system used by the Hobart City Council be reviewed, with consultation from the public, and also ethical, and legal governing bodies involved as well.