Hobart Airport needs a footpath and bike lane

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I now have to live with a plate and screws in my left wrist from a bike accident on Holyman Avenue on the way to Hobart International Airport on the 31st March 2017. For many years this short stretch of road has had tripod barriers linked by chains and hooks along the narrow two lane road stopping cars from parking on the grassy verge.

Pedestrians have to walk on grass or drag their baggage on the road blocking traffic and putting themselves at risk. I tried to move to the side of the road to make way for a long queue of cars and skidded and fell on the gravel to the left of the white line and fractured my wrist.

Years ago I wrote to Clarence Council and Julie Collins MHR. Both said it wasn't their problem.

Some weeks ago I asked Hobart Airport management to remove the dangerous barriers or put up warning signs. The official line is the barriers stop cars getting bogged in the grass. I say it's to stop people parking there and force them into paid parking. No one from the airport has returned my emails or phone calls.

Last week I bought a pedestrian warning sign for the road.

This is an international airport! It is the first road most interstate and international visitors are going to drive, walk or ride on. Most international visitors drive on the right hand side of the road.

Airports are great businesses, most are monopolies and have no competition. When profits come before personal safety it's time to act!

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