Resolve traffic jams on John Hunter Hospital campus

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More than once a week traffic is backlogged from Lookout Rd back onto the John Hunter Hospital campus. This leads to wait times in traffic queues on the Hospital campus in the afternoon up to an hour or more just to get off the campus. This impacts significantly on staff trying to get to school and daycare pick ups on time for their children. It can be very stressful not knowing if you will make it time, calling around to see who might be able to help you out or having no alternative. We need HNE Health, RMS and local government to look at solutions NOW. We cannot wait for the bypass to be built. Multiple solutions should be found e.g reinstate free shuttle bus from Hunter Sports stadium at least from 5:30-9:30 and 14:30-18:00; traffic lights at Lookout Rd to increase time or frequency of green light from hospital main entrance into Lookout Rd.