let us sit where we want at lunch like please @ HMS

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i just moved up a grade and i thought this dumb lunch stuff would be over but NAH. if you forgot basically last year the staff thought we weren't following directions or something but the thing is that we could barely hear since a whole grade walking into a cafeteria is much louder than a really old microphone. so then we had to sit with our excels which isn't fair at all. and now we're basically doing the same thing again this year and they're saying we won't get to sit next to who we want until we can "handle ourselves." like we understand we should probably quiet down faster but you can't just be like "ok everybody quiet down" and then yell at us if we don't do it instantly. and again this whole situation is really dumb because one of the biggest parts of school is socializing, and obviously not everybody has their friends in their classes. lunch is when we finally get to see our friends after about 2/3 hours of sitting in classes. and like I said before, we're just going to class less focused since we haven't gotten that time to talk. like do these teachers not remember when they were kids? you wanted to talk to your friends and so do we. I know that school literally just started but still, the staff isn't starting us off for a good year if we're not allowed to sit with our friends during lunch. anyways I don't know if this is going to do anything but sign if you like your friends and lunch

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