Self employed people need your help!

Basically the government have said to me that I’m not eligible for Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS only universal credit. Because, HMRC have basically said to me that there is a rule saying because I’m self employed they are taking the information from my accounts of employment of April 2018/ April 2019 to calculate if I’m eligible for this grant. So From April 2018 I was employed on a pay roll by an employer. 6 months down the line, In December , unfortunately my employer couldn’t afford to keep me on full time so therefore I had to go part time employed and full time self employed to be able to keep my job. Meaning from December 2018 to April 2019 I was self employed. Therefore, going back to the original rule. They have said that I’m not eligible to claim for any help support apart from universal credit due to I earned more income in the 7 months of employed compared to the 5 months self employed which meant I was more employed than self employed. They said no other income can be higher than self employed income. So my point is. This isn’t fair. How come there is two shcemes to help both employment and self employed seperayely but no support for those who’s information showed both employment? Who cares? At the end of the day I still went to work in that year like everyone else legitimately. But, there isn’t no wrong in having both sets of employments? I didn’t know or predict that this would happen and that these rules would go against me. This was my first ever year of accounts. If I knew that this would happen, whether how much I wanted my job, I wouldnt of made the decision to go self employed or would of waited until the end of the tax year to change employment status. if I knew a year and a half later I’d be in this situation, I wouldn’t of done it. I understand I’m not the only one in this situation and therefore,I urge for awareness for this rule to be changed and further help support scheme to be put in place to look after this proportion of employment and people who need help too.

James Wright, Langdon Hills, ENG, United Kingdom
8 months ago
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