Unnecessary 200₹ from Students to HMRITM.

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HMRITM is a affiliated college of Indraprastha University.

  • All the students are forced to pay 200₹ for the expense of breakage/damaged equipments which was happened in year 2015 (Aug-Sept).
  • Students took admission in 2016 onwards don't know anything about damage, then why they should suffer for this.
  • If any student don't want to pay for the damage which they donnot know about, are warned by HODs that college will deduct the amount from security money of each student.
  • If they cannot identify the students who are responsible for it, then what is the use of installed cameras all over the college.

There are lots of expenses during a engineering study in 4 years of students life. Our parents do lot for our future. Let's do not waste our money in unnecessary demands. Please help us out form this arbitrariness.

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