Dialogue Opportunity for Students Of Kashmir Also!

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As you all are aware about Situation of Kashmir. Kashmir is in its freedom struggle from last above 70years. Many innocents loss their lives. Thousands are killed by Indian troopers, many are still missing, many are abandoned from their families, many are killed in Jails or Prison , many are booked in PSA , many girls of Kashmir are raped and murdered like Poshanpora incident & Asifa, Neelofer case. Even the little children's are not spared, Wamiq in 2010 the uprising of resistance. Many children's are also killed. Students are also not spared. In present time , Indian troopers are also fell upon girl's , they are also not sparing them. Whether now Boys Or girls demands justice for their unfairness in their exams , they are responded by tear smokes & pellet shells. Thousands of youths loss their Eyesights by Use of pellet guns. I can't explain the whole scenario of Kashmir because if I will begin to written it takes me years to explain the situation.

As we know, Now the Government has decided & initiated a dialogue process for Kashmir with Separatists, & Pakistan. But its Unfair that Dialogue opportunity was not put forward for Students & Youths who are the one for Kashmir struggle, who sacrificed their lives, eyesights & families. 

So I request you to all to Support & help me to call HMO & PMO India , so dialogue should also for Youths & students of Kashmir. So, by Dialogue we can express our grievance & issues with government & decision should be also taken by our Will. 

I request all to please Sign this Petition to raise this issue & highlight Kashmir's Issue.


Naveed Malik


12th Class