Keep minor hockey available in the lower city! Keep Rosedale minor hockey association OPEN

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Rosedale is the home for many low income families By making the move to eliminate Rosedale, you will take hockey out of Lower Hamilton. I can assure you, that will not help grow the game. Rosedale was a welcoming association for families of all incomes/means. Some of these people do not drive and taking 2 buses to get up the mountain with hockey equipment is not feasible. You have just ended those children's love for the game. With only 3 associations operating in the upper city hockey will become the elitist sport it is already stereotyped to be. Rosedale and families had been operating with the lower amount of teams by interlocking with other arenas for years. To keep that function, seems like a better solution than disbanding a whole association.
Not only has Rosedale been growing, we have also slowly but progressively improving our kids successfulness in the game. We now have coaches that have been there for multiple years, know the kids and have the trust of the kids and their families. As I mentioned earlier, the group that plays at Rosedale are from all walks, and we give kids the opportunity who might not be the strongest skater, or a goal scorer the opportunity to feel like they matter. Those kids will fall through the cracks when the focus is on a bigger association. With our little arena we keep these kids coming back year after year. We give them a game to love and a game to keep them from falling through the cracks.
If volunteers was the only thing you needed to keep Rosedale going as it's own entity, since others were stepping down then you should have put that call out to our association (and not just Executives in the office) if they were stepping down) as I guarantee you there would have been people to step up.