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Create an "Organic Halal" standart

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"Halal" standards today only focus on the formal aspect of the halal notion. They do not seem to care about the actual well-being, rearing and the living conditions of the animals.

As long as animals are being slaughtered in a specific way, it seems that how they have been treated, fed and came to that point are not important according to the current standards. We find this not acceptable, regardless of the food being halal or not.

The living conditions of the animals and how they are treated should be considered as intrinsic parts of the halal notion. Even more importantly, something that every human being should take it into consideration. Even if every Muslim scholar thinks that these are not a part of the halal criterion, we still do think that there is a need for a new standard. We may call it as "organic halal", in which animals would be treated, fed and reared as they deserve, freely and healthily. Not as "products" but as living beings, as they actually are.

We know that capitalism treats everything as a means to an end. It may make producers competing in such market to take their own actions in stride and justify them. But it shouldn't be in that way if we truly care about animals as living beings. Even before considering ourselves as sincere and practising Muslims.

If you are curious about what possible torturing are being inflicted towards animals, please consider watching this documentary (Earthlings, 2005). (but be warned. 18+). [Youtube search]

We simply don't want to be a part of this inhumane treatment of animals and want to make sure that we are not. Even if you are willing the pay the extra price of being humane, currently there is no standard for us to rely on.

Be a part of the solution and help us to create a new organic halal standard for all living beings. As living beings, which come from and turn to the same source, we all deserve that.

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