Stop the enforcement of Mask Mandate in Gibraltar

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These months have served to highlight the inconsistencies made regarding this ‘pandemic’, whereby protocol has been disregarded. Despite numbers being well below the conditions stated by the Government in order to unlock the rock in August, we continue to be restricted.

Even with beaches being packed, as well as Mainstreet and Chatham Counterguard, not to mention the increased random testing, the cases are in no way substantial enough to merit not unlocking Gibraltar fully. Instead with the enforcement of masks the Government has taken away our freedom of choice.

If we comply with these latest restrictions, they will continue to escalate under the pretext of ‘keeping the community safe’.
The people of Gibraltar are fully capable of exercising good hygiene practices and social distancing in order to safeguard us all. Please sign if you feel this is a violation of our rights and freedom of choice and completely unnecessary in order to ensure the safety of our community.