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HM Government.: enforce individual accountability for civil servants and mps

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recently the activities of the dwp against the unemployed were declared illegal in that they were atrocities. Thousands of innocent sick people have died as a result of dwp and councils reckless abuse of position, either driven to suicide or stress related deaths. The Suicide Act, 1961, states in plain English that the procurement of a suicide is a criminal offence.. If action is taken against these people, the guilty individuals hide behind the skirts of the companies for whom they work. threatening to sue is no deterrent for these people as even if the if they are sued its the company who gets the bill and passes it on to the taxpayer. This system has cost the taxpayer millions in legal costs because mps and civil servants who abuse their position to take out their personal prejudices on innocent victims while drawing a salary, and the perpetrators include certain government ministers. This whole system is reminiscent of the regime under Reinhard Heydrich before and during world war two, where sick people were killed and other people such as the Jewish were forced to work as slaves for free. Forced unpaid work was added to the definition of slavery n 1930. I ask that civil servants and mps  should be held accountable for their atrocities, human rights violations and other crimes and face punishment as individuals. This will not only save the taxpayer millions, save lives but will also give justice to the innocent victims.

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