All accidents abroad to be investigated by independent, unbiased experts

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Allen Wilson
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Previously I have been involved both in the UK and abroad in investigating serious accidents and  deaths at holiday complexes. At present these investigations are being carries out by personnel who do not have the skills or knowledge to identify design and operational faults. It is also possible that those investigating have a different agenda and do not wish to damage the holiday industry. At present I believe families are being deprived of due care and the compensation they may be entitled to.               In a recent instance where three family members died,  both the Spanish police and the pool operator stated there was no problems with the pool and  everything was safe.  It was obvious with even  a cursory inspection that the pool did not comply with European guidance (EN15288) or the Federation of Tour Operator's standards (FTO) and was unsafe.

An inspection by an experienced, unbiased expert would be able to provide a report stating what was wrong and who was at fault. This would allow holidaymakers in the long term to ensure that their safety was not being compromised and their lives were not being put at risk. Thank you for reading and supporting this petition. Allen J Wilson FISPE, Tech IOSH, MInstSRM