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Replace Sodexo at HKIS

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All students attending the Hong Kong International School (HKIS), will know that HKIS uses Sodexo to supply school lunches. Sodexo has a good variety of food but is very unhealthy. Here is an article proving just how unhealthy they are. (

Sodexo's food is heavily processed in fat, carbs, and chemicals. In the long term, it can cause obesity, heart disease, and hypertension. Students who can't get a homemade lunch have to eat this every day, 5 days a week, which can impact their health. I believe that a school like HKIS such have better quality food. Many students I know eat very little for lunch or don't eat lunch at all because they are disgusted by it. At HKIS there have been cases of cockroaches in sandwiches, raw pizza dough, and raw chicken.   

Overall because of Sodexo's food, students at HKIS have been not eating enough or eating seriously unhealthy food every day of school. I understand that Sodexo is a monopoly when it comes to food supplying in Hong Kong but with HKIS's budget, I think that they could afford to find a healthier, better alternative. I would have put that it would be more expensive but I think it would be the same price because Sodexo is seriously overpriced. 

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The food is disgusting. I once ordered mac and cheese and it was't even cheese. It was some weird lumpy substance just poured on the surface of the pasta. It was basically hard pasta with a top layer of guck. All the pastas are never cooked well enough, it's hard and its raw, it's revolting. Picking at ur lunch and realizing that the cooks haven't bothered to cook it, no thanks. The pastas were also really dry, it's not moist at all, it's like I'm eating pasta right out from the trash. Meat doesn't even look like meat and the only meat I've ever eaten was chicken. But it was in a salad, so it's cold. Even though it's in a salad, the chicken is hard and tastes funny, I don't even know if it's safe to eat. The vegetables they serve doesn't even taste okay. I've never tried any of the veggies because my friend told me they were disgusting. She had to spit it out after eating it. Sodexo's food is really bad and the quality is very poor. Unfortunately, the price is unbearable and ludicrous. I pay so much just to get served with raw, uncooked, dry food. Sodexo's food is probably even worse than prison food. It's a huge no-no to schools. I try to fill myself up during school with the gross food they serve, because they are so expensive. If I don't finish my lunch, I'm wasting my money. After 2 months of this crap lunch I decided to bring my own lunch from home. And that's literally the best decision I've ever made. Sodexo also got kicked out from other schools so why not get rid of it in HKIS.

- Cassandra Tung, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR China- 


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