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It is time to help educate the public about HIV Elite Controllers.

Please help share this petition in supporting HIV Elite Controller {LTNP} Studies. There are approximately 1200 known HIV Controllers who have the natural ability to survive with and control their infections so that they do not need to take long term antiviral medications. Some individuals have the ability to not only control their disease but to actually kill off the virus naturally to undetectable levels. Sign this petition in favor of promoting HIV Elite Controller Studies and help spread the word about these human/natural resources we have in this War against HIV. Learn more about proposed ideas for a “Functional Cure”, and even gene harvesting to offer these protective genes for future generation in endemic regions for HIV risk. HIV Elite Controllers could volunteer for tissue matching and participating in bone marrow/stem cell donations to offer up for salvage patients in hopes to help save more lives from this modern plague. Please sign this petition to support HIV Elite Controller Studies and to bring these ideas to the table concerning future HIV prevention and therapies. If HIV is here to stay maybe it is time that we look at other options to cope with this disease worldwide. Please take the time to sign this petition and to read up on HIV Elite Controller Studies. If you believe that you are a HIV Elite Controller or wish to learn more about these individuals please visit: . The cure could be found within your neighbor.

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