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World Class Support Service needed at

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Is HitBTC Support Service just a smoke screen?

Running a digital exchange in today's fast paced economy is certainly not an easy thing to do. But Oh Boy! how exiting it must be!

Since the Crypto world reached a mainstream awareness, digital exchanges  have been hammered by a huge demand of new users registrations, various congestion on the network, extended deposit and withdrawal name it!

Just wait for mainstream awareness to shape shift into adoption and addiction...roller coaster incoming!

HitBTC one of the top digital exchanges is not immune to that sudden "Crypto Rush", and has obviously failed to anticipated and mitigate that since it has fallen short in providing a responsive and effective support since at least December 2017.

There are literally thousands of customers trapped at the support level, frustrated, kept in the dark, with inaccessible accounts (their mistake or not), blocked deposits and withdrawals (their mistake or not)...sometimes for months! Just hoover around HitBTC forum page. It's mind blowing!

The worst part came when the exchange started to regularly communicate on their twitter account about new coins introduction, how proud they were, how great it was to list new assets...Yes, it is, but shouldn't they put as much efforts into their support first? Go figure!

As a result, the community started to label them as Scammers, Thieves, Bandits...That's not the way to go should they wish to remain in the game...or is that part of the plan?

I myself had a missing ETH deposit for somewhat 10 days, from Bitstamp to HitBTC since January 9th...bloody contract execution!

The support team kept silent on my incident for a good 6 days. And anyone knows that 6 days in the crypto world is an eternity, especially when the market is many buying opportunities missed. So I was drawn to believe the FUD emerging from the community and decided to generate this petition as an attempt to raise my voice.

After reaching out to the support team via the official channel several times, i finally got a response and my incident got resolved in 2 far the most unpleasant experience I had with an exchange.

While I can attest that, in my case, HitBTC support isn't a smoke screen, I decided to keep the petition open, as many of us remain literally furious as we have either not heard back from the support for days, weeks or months or if we have, our issues aren't resolved. 

In all fairness, not all issues should be blamed on HitBTC, but I urge them to keep the communication open, to be present, to be vocal, to be human, if they lack resources to do that, they should hire! (their outrageous deposit/withdrawal fees will come in handy)

We, customers and users, demand a World Class Support, and there is no way around it to retain and, especially, attract new customers!!

By the way...who owns and operates HitBTC?


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This petition had 250 supporters

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