HitBTC cryptocurrency-exchange: Demand for more transparency regarding maintenances

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As some of you may have noticed HitBTC disabled their deposits and withdrawals regarding ~ 47 assets for maintenance almost 1 month ago. Since then there haven't been any announcements about the situation or any signs of a solution. 

Some of the assets with disabled withdrawals and deposits don't really suffer from the maintenance as they're also listed on other exchanges. However there are some currencies only listed on HitBTC for now and they're literally getting destroyed by HitBTC's ridiculously long maintenance.

It's irresponsible trapping some people's money without any proper announcement or updates.

The consequences of this misbehaviour on HitBTC's side include but are not limited to:

  • price instability
  • losses
  • overloaded customer support regarding the affected assets
  • FUD
  • increased mistrust against HitBTC

Would it be too much to ask for an announcement about the reason for the maintenance and some regular status-updates?

That's why we demand more transparency regarding the recent and future maintenances with proper announcements and status-updates.